Run for EqualChance

How does it work?

We are registering Equal Chance teams for running events. We take care of the administration and registration fees and an Equal Chance t-shirt. The runners commit to an amount which is usually covering our costs and a donation of 35 EUR which supports a child is school for half a year.

A runner can chose to pay the amount by themselves through a bank transfer or fundraise from their social network using a donations platform which usually has a wider reach.

Upcoming events:

Vondelpark loop                 21/01/18 10km Sign Up

Dam tot Dam Night Run 22/09/18 8 km Sign Up

Dam tot Dam                       23/09/18 16km Sign Up


How do I fundraise?

We use which is a crowdfunding for NGOs. You join our project by opening your page and you are ready to go accepting credit card and ideal payments. If you want to use paypal or bitcoin just tell your supporters to use our donations page and mention it is for you.

What is PifWorld?

Pay It Forward is a donate- and crowdfunding platform offers everyone the tools to make a positive change. Individuals, teams, schools and companies – everyone can use this positive impact for a better world – to support non-profit organizations.

How does it work?

Go to the link shared with you or Equal Chance community and Campaigns Page.

Now click on Start Action (under support) and you are all set!

All is left is to share the link and adjust your goal once you hit it