Equal Chance is a not for profit organization, established in The Netherlands (KVK 68827628, physical # RSIN 8576.09.889) in May 2017. The board is made of four directors with equal control over the organization. All work is done absolutely voluntarily.

The four directors (board members) have together the mutual control over the organization’s funds. Funds are obtained through fund raising, sporting and yoga event and merchandise.

All spendings are dedicated to charity with up to 10% administration and local visits expenses.

In 2016-2018 86%-92% of the raised funds reached the children in Cambodia, with the exception of the costs the running races and small expenses (Dam tot Dam). 

In the event the organisation will cease existing all remanning funds will be donated towards organisations with similar objectives.

Key Partners

  • Europe: Stichting WIlde Ganzen
  • US: FJC
  • Cambodia: Cambodian Child and Hope Assosiation

Key Part

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Board of Directors:

Tania Forshtadt – Chairwoman

Sofia Kosiborod – Secretary

Reto Kofmehl – Chief Finance Officer

Enrico Berti – Chief Technology Officer

Contact: info@equalchance.net

Phone: +31626223735

Address : Suikerpeerpad 29, Amsterdam 1036KE

Budget for 2018-2019, including May 2019 actuals: Budget – Equal Chance 2018-2019 (1) (1)

Budget for 2019-2020, including December 2019 actuals: Budget – Equal Chance 2019-2020 _ 2019 Actuals