Because only together we can

build a world where all children, youth and women have equal chances

The Reality in Cambodia

Many families cannot afford to send all or any of their children to school

According to UNICEF the adult literacy rate in Cambodia is 76%. This is naturally lower in the rural areas. The country is still recovering from the Khmer Rouge regime that tore apart the society the horrors and nightmares of those years are still vivid in the Cambodian memory. During the Khmer Rouge regime majority of the educated people were persecuted and executed in their attempt to create an agricultural utopia.


— How it began

Equal Chance was founded after Tania and Reto’s travel to South East Asia where they got the chance to meet some of the local people. After being introduced to the challenges the small communities have and after helping out one local organizations to open a new school, they decided together with Sofia and Enrico to start a project to provide continues to support children, youth and women in communities where education, food and safety are not obvious facts of life. 

All our activities are done on a voluntary basis with the aim to improve the lives of children, youth and women around the world by giving them an equal chance.



— We Fundraise

Most of the work that we do from Amsterdam regards fundraising: we organize runs, teach yoga, create events and raffles. A lot of generous people also fundraise for Equalchance on their birthdays or weddings! 


— We Partner

In the Netherlands we are supported by Wilde Ganzen that integrates and increases our yearly projects budget. The Cambodian Child and Hope Association does all the work locally in the villages.

— We Visit

Once a year we pack our bags, go and see the progress of the schools in Cambodia, bring additional material and see with our own eyes what needs to be done next.


The Netherlands
Through Wilde Ganzen in The Netherlands we have access to a network of project guidance and help and, most importantly, they integrate and extend our fundraise efforts with their funds.
We are currently working in partnership with the Cambodian Child and Hope Association that does all the hard work on the field.
United States
FJC in the US which allows us to receive tax deductible donations for US tax payers and through Benevity.