To support Equal Chance you can participate in different sports and lifestyle activities like running races, bootcamps and yoga class (only for employees in Amsterdam)


We periodically participate in running events according to the list bellow.

How does it work?

We are registering Equal Chance teams for running events. We take care of the administration and registration fees and an Equal Chance t-shirt. The runners commit to an amount which is usually covering our costs and a donation of 35 EUR which supports a child is school for half a year.

A runner can chose to pay the amount by themselves through a bank transfer or fundraise from their social network using a donations platform which usually has a wider reach.

Upcoming events:

Dam tot Dam Night Run 22/09/18 8 km Sign Up

Dam tot Dam                       23/09/18 16km Sign Up


Yoga Classes (for employees in Amsterdam) employees in Amsterdam can join yoga classes at the bank building (almost) every Monday and Thursday at 18:30.

The participation is donation based and all proceeds go to Equal Chance.

Schedule and sign up here.





Ashley Poelhuis organized a charity bootcamp in October 2017 and raised enough o send 2 kids to school!